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How it works

What is Mailcoding?

It's a brand new service that gives you a unique and customizable number to which connect your name, phone and all your digital accounts such as email and social networks.

How to use it.

Using Mailcoding is really easy: after logging into your personal dashboard, complete your Mailcode account by filling the blanks with your digital information, and the Mailcode is ready to be shared with all your contacts! If someone gives you his or her Mailcode, insert the number in the search section of the website or mobile application, and his/her digital identity will be displayed to you.

Why use it.

Mailcoding helps the connection among people from all over the world avoiding any sort of misunderstanding and misspelling, especially between people using a different alphabet system.
Whatever your purpose is, to increase business network, to introduce your professional profile, or to keep contact with new friends, Mailcoding is the service that includes all these features.

Vision & Mission

Mailcode number is a universally recognized number that represents your digital identity, and aims to simplify personal data exchange in the world. No more misunderstandings. No more misspellings.


A Mailcode includes not only your personal number, name and email address, but you can also add your phone, social accounts and much more!

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