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Have you ever had problems while sharing hard to spell email addresses? Has not being able to find someone on Facebook by his/her real name ever happened to you?

We have, we had the very same problems. But not only us: according to recent reports, around 3 billion emails per day are not delivered because of typos. We needed to find a standard and brand new way to share digital accounts safely.

After long brainstorming sessions and considering the relevant aspects of today's online and offline society, we have come up with a web service that allows people to share their Digital Identity just by using a personal code made of numbers only: the Mailcode.

We then founded Mailcoding, the only service that gives you a personal and customizable number to connect name, email address, phone number, social accounts and websites.

The path to achieve the official launch of Mailcoding has been long and arduous, and we are determined to continue enhancing the service with more and more features in the future. Our mission is to simplify personal data exchange in the world.

We’d love to hear from you, to have your feedback about our work so far. If you have any suggestions please write us at info@mailcoding.com

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