Mailcoding s.r.l. and Eo15

Mailcoding LTD actively participates in "E015 - Digital Ecosystem".

"E015 - Digital Ecosystem" is a digital environment of open cooperation, non-discriminatory and competitive environment for the development of integrated services offered to citizens through the Internet and represents an important opportunity for the improvement of the territory.

This initiative was born as a collaboration between Expo 2015 SpA and Confindustria, Milan Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio, Assolombarda and Union of Commerce with the aim to facilitate the matching of supply and demand of goods and services by the business system in favor of citizens, not only in the four years of preparation and conduct of the World Fair, but also for subsequent years.

"E015 - Digital Ecosystem" provides the technological standards, the guidelines, processes, rules and infrastructure elements enabling to promote the interoperability of ICT services and the realization of computer applications (multi-channel / multi-device and / or websites) that offer integrated functionality to end users for all economic operators wishing to participate in.

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